Will Burrard-Lucas – Wildlife Photographer

I am a professional wildlife photographer from the UK. I aim to use innovation and technology to achieve fresh perspectives in my work. I am the founder of Camtraptions, a company specialising in products for remote and camera trap photography, and WildlifePhoto.com, a website which offers a range of educational resources and safaris for photographers.

Meerkat Selfie

Back in 2009, I was unable to find products that would allow me to achieve my vision, so I started to develop my own devices for getting my camera close to potentially dangerous wild animals. This led to the creation of BeetleCam, a remote-control buggy for my DSLR camera. I have since also developed my own DSLR camera trap system for photographing shy and nocturnal animals.

I enjoy photographing wildlife all over the world but African wildlife has become my primary focus in recent years. I spent part of my childhood in Tanzania, where I first developed a passion for Africa and its wildlife. In 2012, I moved to Zambia for a year and I spent much of my time exploring the Luangwa Valley.

I am passionate about wildlife conservation. I have partnered with a number of conservation organisations around the world, donating my time and images to help them with their fundraising activities. I also try to raise awareness for these organisations in my talks and on my website and social media channels. Through my work, I hope to inspire greater appreciation for the wildlife that shares our planet and encourage conservation action.