BeetleCam Project 2009

Will and Matt with BeetleCam - 2009

In 2009 we visited Tanzania. In our luggage we had a small 4-wheel drive remote control buggy with camera mounted on top. We called this contraption ‘BeetleCam’. Our aim was to use the buggy to get unique close-up wide-angle photographs of Africa’s iconic wildlife (without risking our own lives)!

We were taking a big risk… we had no idea what to expect. Would the animals destroy BeetleCam on its first outing? Or would they just run away from it?

It turned out to be a very eventful trip and one of mixed fortunes; both our hopes and our fears were realized! We came home with some stunning photographs but one of our cameras was destroyed and we almost lost BeetleCam in an encounter with a lion. You can read more about the trip in our original blog post: The Adventures of BeetleCam.

You can also see a gallery of photographs from the Tanzania trip here: 2009 BeetleCam Gallery.

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