BeetleCam Project 2011

Will and Matt with 2011 BeetleCams

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It was two years before we recovered sufficiently from the original BeetleCam project to attempt a follow-up. In the summer of 2011, we looked at BeetleCam gathering dust in the basement and decided it was time to send it forth again!

This time we had one target in mind – BeetleCam’s nemesis from the first trip – LIONS!

I set to work building two new BeetleCams; one with an armoured, lion-proof (hopefully) carapace and one with more advanced capabilities including HD video recording, wireless live-view and remotely operated camera tilt.

Matt once again joined me and we headed for the Masai Mara in Kenya, home to an astonishing density of very large lions!

Two weeks later, our armoured BeetleCam was scarred and battered; the screws that held it together were losing their thread and the carapace was covered in scratches and bite marks. However, we could breathe a sigh of relief because we had reached the end of our trip and we hadn’t lost a camera this time! We returned home with a set of images that exceeded all our expectations and plenty of ideas for BeetleCam’s next adventure!

To read about our lion adventures, take a look at this blog post: “BeetleCam vs the Lions of the Masai Mara”.

To view photos from the trip, check out the following galleries:
» Male Lion Gallery
» Lioness Gallery
» Lion Cub Gallery
» In the Field

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