Lion Cub Gallery

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Photographs of lion cubs from the 2011 BeetleCam expedition.

Prowling Cub
BeetleCam Cub
Snarling Cub
Threatening Cub
Cub and Lioness
BeetleCam Lion Cub
Four Lion Cubs
Curious Cubs
BeetleCam Lion Cubs
Lion Cubs
Lion Cub Snarl
BeetleCam Cubs
Masai Mara Cubs
Cute Lion Cub
Adorable Lion Cub
Lion Cub
Lion Cub Portrait
Sitting Cub
Prowling Lion Cub
Uncertain Cub
Cub Claws Out
Lion Family
Bold Cub
Approaching Cubs
Four Cubs
Lion Cub Investigates
Inquisitive Lion Cubs
Close-up Lion Cub
Three Lion Cubs
Playful Lion Cubs
Cub Swipe
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