I founded Camtraptions Ltd in January 2014. Through this company I am developing products for remote and camera trap photography.

I started developing my own devices so that I could get close up, wide-angle photographs of potentially dangerous wild animals. This led to the creation of BeetleCam, a remote control buggy for DSLR cameras. I took BeetleCam on its first expedition to Tanzania in 2009 and succeeded in getting close-up images of elephants and buffalo, but one of my cameras was destroyed in an encounter with a playful lion. Since then I have made many improvements to BeetleCam, and now the updated version has a strong and light-weight shell to protect the camera, and also the ability to record video and stills simultaneously.

Cheetah BeetleCam

I have also developed a range of camera trap sensors, perfect for photographing shy and nocturnal animals with a DSLR camera.

I have been approached by many photographers and filmmakers around the world, who are looking for devices that they can use to help them push the boundaries of photography and filmmaking. Camtraptions’ mission is to develop products for these forward-thinking innovative photographers.

To find out more about Camtraptions please visit our website.

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