Camera Traps

Camera traps are stationary cameras that fire automatically when an animal is detected. This is the only practical way to photograph many nocturnal and elusive species. I photographed this black rhino at night using a prototype camera trap.

Rhino at night photographed with a prototype camera trap

I have developed a detector for triggering a DSLR camera. It is based on a PIR motion sensor and it is simple to use, quick to set up and very reliable. I have also developed a strong metal camera housing that can help protect your camera when left unattended. These products, as well as many camera trap accessories, are now available at Camtraptions.

If you are interested in learning more about camera trap photography, I have created a free video series which teaches you how to get started. You can watch the first video in the series below and the rest can be found here: Learn Camera Trap Photography.

To see what my camera traps can do, check out my Camera Trap Collection or the results from my WWF Assignment to capture rare camera trap images.