Hyena and Stars

Read about some of my featured projects:

I developed BeetleCam, a remote controlled buggy with a DSLR camera mounted on top, back in 2009 to get unique and close-up photographs of African Wildlife. Since then BeetleCam has been all over Africa taking photographs of animals such as elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards and African wild dogs.

Camera Trap Photography
I have developed my own range of products for camera trap photography. My camera trap photographs have also won several prestigious awards.

WWF Assignment
The WWF sent me to Namibia to photograph some of the most elusive animals I’ve ever tried to capture on camera!

I moved to Zambia back in August 2012 for a year and spent much of time exploring South Luangwa National Park, as well as other National Parks in the region.

Komodo Dragons
In April 2011 I spent three days travelling around the Indonesian islands, Komodo and Rinca, photographing the legendary Komodo dragons using an innovative new technique.

Giant Pandas
In 2011 I spent eight days tracking Giant Pandas in the Qinling Mountains of Central China. It was an incredible and rewarding experience.

In August 2010 I spent four weeks in Madagascar photographing the Island’s unique wildlife.

In September 2010 I documented the annual wildebeest migration, one of Africa’s most impressive spectacles.

The Falkland Islands
I visited the Falkland Islands back in December 2009 and photographed many of the Island’s different species using some unusual photographic techniques.

The Pantanal
In 2008 and 2009 I travelled to the Pantanal in Brazil, a large tropical wetland area, which provides many unique opportunities to photograph a wide range of South American species.